Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Alright... so I am moving.. finally! I have been at my parents since Saturday night. The plan for tomorrow is to be on the road by 7, in Lone Grove by 10, Duncan by 11:30, out of duncan by 1, in Tulsa by 4, out of Oklahoma by 7 and finally start my trip after 12 hours in the car! If all goes well we'll get to PA by late late late friday or really early Saturday... but I can really see my self pulling over with my driving partner and taking a nap early friday morning.... UGH.... I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE!!! Wish me luck as a two tired girls, a dog and a noisy cat embarke on a crazy journy! *sings in her head* Sugar high...gotta want it, gotta needed it, gotta love it,Sugar high.....

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  1. Have fun and don't let Brooke drive in PA or get arrested lol!!