Thursday, November 19, 2009


In attempt to share the project that I have worked hours on and stayed up till 2 am this morning putting together click on this link.

I tried many times to just post it here but I couldn't. I am apprently not as computer savy as I thought. Then again my new comp gives me many more options when I right click then I ever knew possiable.

I knew of Shutterfly before working at the job but seing the actual items and then working with the site I have fallen in love. Big fat L O V E made out of wood letters kind of big love. Not the creepy multi wife kind.

I started this mission with hopes of creating a photo album for my wedding pictures. However I quickly realized that I have no idea where my wedding CD's are. This complicated the whole putting pictures in a book process. I did however have a camera with pictures of the last year. pretty much everything since the wedding... so Why not? I quickly moved on to the first year.

Starting with new years (not the first holiday but the first pictures taken) up until and after the move. Its 20 pages long, hard covered, and very professional looking. I actually sold a GSA (shift leader) on the idea of it last night for his main buisness, even though I was just bragging about my awsome new find. Hope you like it I know I LOVE it!

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