Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Jackpot

My mom was uber excited to find out I am a quilter. The last/only quilt I finished a few weeks back made a home in her guest room while she was here this past week. She decided I was amazing and she wanted to fund my new fabulous hobby/tallent. So I took her to Jo-anns after lunch her first day here.

We went to pick out fabric for her fall (really matches her whole house) quilt. After mussing around for a while we picked like 7 differen't fabrics. The pattern she wanted me to attempt requested 15 different fabrics and we couldn't fathom finding another 7 to cordinate. So we stopped there and I was given instructions to have free rain with what ever I want to do. While cutting the fabric Danielle (yes... lots of fabric cutting time and a over social mom leads to new BFFs) She told us to go to the larger Jo's where we could get lost. Um... Yes please? I would love to get lost in a fabric store! So... a few days later with Dad in tow and husband at work we took the bad google directions and headed down a poor excuse for a state highway.

Upon arriving I giggled like a little girl. Now... this wasn't all fabric. It was about the size of a Hobby Lobby for who know what I'm talking about... but replace all the home decor stuff with a Vikings sewing gallery and a lot more DIY project equipment. It was amazing. My mom and I looked around half the store before even getting to fabric. Dad found a nice chair in the gallery... we found him later and then left him again. But I saw my first Long arm in person. I am in love! I have no idea how I would actually work it... and I think I would have to save up enough money to get the program that does it for you before I attempt free hand but I don't care... I want it. Anthony wants my car paid off... since its about the same amount of money... I bet the car wins. But... We did find fabric for two more quilts. My Christmas quilt and my brothers quilt. Mom was bound and determined to buy fabric of any shape size color and pattern. Just as long as I promised to use it... some day... she would by it. I know my mother and chose to go light. I got 3 books, 8 different fabrics ( 2 and 3 yards), and some tools. Nothing that I feel would go to waist if I decide quilting isn't the love of my life. Which I don't see happening since I have wanted to do this forever! I just get in moods... and its a LOT easier to stay in them when you can keep your goods out and accessible.

Flash forward to dropping my rents off at the airport and trying to kill time at a shopping mall... what do I spy another Jo-anns and its HUGE just like the other one (unlike the two I have been going to). I drag the Hubs in and take him in a huge B line to the gallery. I show him all the fun fancy stuff that the other store showed me and then they showed us some extras. I think I have him convinced that I need a new machine and embroider in my future. We aren't talking tomorrow... or probably even birthday... but Christmas. Maybe Christmas! Then again... these don't cost a year or two worth of car payments just...a few months :)

Anyone want to chip in to the fund?

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