Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today was my second day in a row to be off! I am excited. I slept in pretty late. Granted, hubs and I didn't go to be until later either. We ended up having a late dinner at Lobster, went to Tar.get to get a movie, then watched one of the movies we bought which ended up making it very late by the time we went to sleep!

We got 5 movies for $20 so I think that's pretty good. 3 John Candy (sp) movies and 2 Robin Williams.

Today we got up went and got groceries, debated about a new washer and dryer since our dryer is making a very very funny sound and came home. We took apart the dryer, fixed the fan problem, put it back together and decided to start saving for front load machines. They made the most since, but to drop $2,000 on appliances was not in the plans this weekend! After we got the dryer going we used expanding foam to fill in the cracks in the walls. The molding will cover them, we just wanted to prevent bug entry ways. Well.. that stuff sucks. Well actually its amazing... until you get it on your hands. We have tried everything that we can think of... now we are just waiting for it to dry and "peel" off. Yeah. its gross.

Hopefully after dinner I'll be able to quilt. I am DYING to try a wonky block with the red, yellow, white, and black material I bought a while back. It is a small baby quilt so it wouldn't take long. But I need to something more fun then the quilt I'm working on now. Its full of little 2 inch squares. They are driving me crazy!

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