Monday, October 04, 2010

Blue Quilt

The "Blue quilt" as it has been known to my friends is actually referred to by "Wedding Quilt" or "Sarah's Quilt" at my house and in secret e-mails. My friend got engaged back in May I believe. The wedding was in August and I finished the top piecing mid August after a friend sent some embroider work back. I finally sent it off on the 28th of September. I know, bad friend.

I have been working on it on and off since May. I wanted to share pictures but I have no idea if my friend reads this blog (like she had time between a new husband and med school!) but I held off on posting pictures till now just in case! Some of them are blurry because I took them in my basement the day I finished the top!

Side view of the top. Yeah still can't figure out how to turn the picture. Oh well. You can see the craziness of the quilt. There are about 5 different fabrics if I remember right. Lots of different size blocks. Some blocks follow a pattern, some were made with scraps, some are scraps.

This is "Sarah's Choice" outlined. I thought it was a perfect block for the occasion since Sarah was getting married.
 I have no idea what the name of this block is or if it even followed a pattern. It was created a long time ago. It is 6 in with 1 in squares.

This is "Memory" fitting I figured since its a memory quilt about the wedding and friends.
 This is "Good Fortune" There are actually 6 of these alternating dark and light across the whole top.
 This is a flower basket. I created it in the mist of figuring out "crazy quilting" I had to embroider something!
 This is a row of 3 blocks that I think are "Best Friends" and if it is then it is very fitting. Two people helped put together this quilt and then its for the third. Kind of neat! The second row shows two "Modern Wedding Rings". I thought they were also appropriate.
 My friend who did the orange embroidery did the "P" monogram on the block called "Court House Steps". The block was an accident to make it large enough to fit the area. The title of the block is pure luck.
 A very blurry picture of the wedding date. Sorry friend! It really does look great, just not with my crummy camera!
 And the last contributing piece of work... the tandem bicycle. Now... before you think we are crazy, the wedding colors were orange and blue and their invitation had this exact image! They also bike, run, and other things healthy people do!
 This is the 12 inch "square" that I created with scraps doing the crazy quilting method. You can instantly tell from this quilt the stages of my quilting level. This piece is a mess along with some of the earlier blocks. If you look at the back you can even tell when I "found" the iron.
 Embroidery work that I had to do...

 This block is something along the lines of "Memory Lane" or "Walking in Memories" Not really that busy unless you use the fabric I did... then its a hot mess!
 Side angle of the quilt. You can see how awesomely busy it is!

 Taken on a much brighter day. Still tilted I realize, sorry! Hopefully you can get an idea of where everything is. It is very busy, but lots of fun.

Finally A right sideded picture. Can't see the details well, but you dont' have to crank your neck.
  And the quilting! I just traced around the images, and id some detailing inside larger blocks. I coudln't stipple or free hand anything due to the various sized blocks.  There was just too much going on to do an over all quilt.

This quilt is only a lap size. I had intended for a much larger blanket but that was impossiable with the various blocks I was doing. I coudln't imagine making any more blocks fit together. These were difficult enough! I hope the happy couple enjoys this for years!

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  1. LOVE!!!!! It's gorgeous and I love all the thought you put into the patterns and blocks you picked. What a great gift! Your friend must LOVE it!