Sunday, October 10, 2010


Alright, so I have been doing cleaning for the majority of the last 5 hours. There was a lunch and some breaks in there (like now) but for the most part... CLEANING! I cleaned all the bedrooms (wasn't hard did it at the beginning of the week) and touched up the kitchen, dinning room, and living room. Concurred the stairs, which are now messy again from putting things on them that need to go up stairs that had taken up residence down stairs. The basement I just cleaned around the floor boards, swept, and picked up trash. So it might not be a floor I would want to eat off... but its at least a room I would invite friends to eat in. Then I am in the middle of tackling the laundry room.  It was outrageous. I really hadn't worked on it in months... and didn't have anywhere for anything to go anyways. So, Christmas stuff got moved to the new cabinets in the den, and that freed up 3 shelves and a drawer for fabric. I also moved all board games and such to under the sink in the den. This freed up another 2 shelves. they are  yet to be full... but I'm sure I can find something! I still can't see my counters and so far I have only put away fabric, stuffing, and batting. That still leaves two machines, accessories, scraps, presser, and works in progress. What do you do with works in progress? Where do they go!?

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