Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Orange and Black...and white.

This weekend is my almumater's (spelling I know...) homecoming. "The Greatest Homecoming Celebration in the World", or something like that. Its a big deal. That's why I decided this would be the time of year I would go back to Oklahoma and see friends and family. Easier to get friends together when they have more then one reason to go somewhere.

This in mind I have been trying to get all my Christmas presents for my family finished. I have failed! I instead hope to have tops finished and they'll get their temporary presents. So this is what I have been up to...

 Strips and pieces of Orange, Black, and White fabrics... There is no plan.
 Its started with 2.5 inch strips, Then cut down to 10.5 inches long, then sewn together in a block. Well, I'm working on the block. Nine different fabrics total. That is as far as I have gotten on what to do with them.
But using my new machine is amazing. Right now I have it set up in the living room so I can watch movies and listen to music. Granted to movies distract me, so that is a HUGE reason most of this sewing isn't finished... I just get distracted.
Also what is distracting me is the weather out side. I LOVE fall, but this is just bordering on cold. The dogs are obviously liking it. You can see the orange and red leaves on the left and my bright green bamboo on the right. The grass and bamboo will stay green all year. Memphis the rot is the one on the left and Mia the mix is on the right. You can really tell here how much bigger he is then her! Sorry for the blurry and spotted window, in order to take the picture I couldn't open up the door or they would have moved. Also, yes, my patio furniture is all over my patio...obvious from the stand alone chair.

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