Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big Girl Blanket

 My first commissioned piece of work is finished and mailed off! This cute Big Girl Blanket was made for a friends little girl to use on her new big girl toddler bed. I used a disappearing nine patch with 4 inch blocks for the original squares. I pieced them together randomly hoping to not have too many of the same pattern next to each other.
 I used an organic blue sheet from for the backing. It was SO soft. I also used the sheet for the blue quilt that I made for a wedding gift during the summer. I have officially decided sheets make a great backing. Doesn't hurt if you can get them on sale. Not the case here, but still amazing.
 I did a simple white hand stitched binding. I did a all over stipple quilting. This is one of the better areas. I'm still getting a hang of the quilting process. Needless to say no one will confuse this quilt for professional if they look at the back. I did my best hiding knots and what not, but I have learned I have a long way to go!
 The top/front however does not show my mistakes as easily.

 Just because all the hot quilters are doing fun shots... I thought I would try.
I am SO glad I have more of this fabric. I will be making something with it for sure. It so so peaceful and cheery its hard not to smile while under it!


  1. Ok, we got the quilt and I may have teared up! It is beautiful! It looks amazing in her room and the colors are just fantastic :) Thank you soooooooo much!

  2. i've seen this. elle's daughter's room is beautiful and this quilt is amazing! matt told me to check you out. i'm becoming a foster mother soon and i'd really like a quilt for the crib! if you're interested in doing another commission peice let me know. you can write on my blog or email me at or text/call me at (417) 569-6426 thanks!