Tuesday, March 15, 2011


 My friend posted a quiz about HGTV home style quiz. So being the bored person I am (waiting on pizza to cook for lunch) I took the quiz.

First I picked pictures and images that were idea to me. What do I really like. I came up Rustic Charm. The picture they have for Rustic Charm is a chicken. I don't do chickens, but the description or worldly look collected over time I think is me. I would be all about Flee market fancy if I could find flee markets with stuff other then clothes!

Then I went through and picked pictures that I thought looked more like the house and the style I'm working with. It came up Classic Elegance. This got me laughing. Talked about tailored fabric and clean lines. HAHA tailored nothing. Not now not ever. But it was a nice try.

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