Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Alright, So if I save to another site like a friend suggested (thanks Kendra) I can do a URL picture and it works. Yippy!!

So loaded up my pictures to pinterest and I would like to show you what I did today!

Circles for PB&J
Really liked doing these even though it totallys scared the stuffing out of me!
 Loved doing raw edge applique

For F&F we did string blocks with a 1inch green string in the middle, all else goes...
Loved working with these fabrics. Might have cut off an inch or 4 off some left overs just for a little bit of scrappy happiness later.

Also did three Christmas blocks for the Christmas bee. Did them wrong... but its fix able. It was suppost to be 8.5 with white sasing around the edge... instead I made 3 blocks with plenty of sashing and didn't do the boarders... yeah. Good call right? Ugh.

In the Scrap bee we did string blocks also. This I just pulled from Mom's quilt scraps and the living room scraps piles. Its an ok block. I hope they dont' mind it. I really should do another. It was easy and this isnt' really bright... which I think is what she wanted.

So that is MOST of my sewing today. I have forgotten to take pictuers of all over them apprently, because I know there are more! Just another post!

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