Sunday, November 06, 2011

House updates

We have got the Laundry room 99% finished I would say. It was the next project after the bathroom since it a) still had wall paper b)needed color c) had no real floor.

In an attempt to hook up our gas drier the first night, we realized our laundry room was electric. So we tore up the floor hoping there would be an easy access to the gas line or the basement. Long story short we had plywood floors in there for the last two months or so. But they are all finished now a long with new paint and pinterest inspired woodwork!

Here you can see where the laundry room half bath is located. It is originally in the "mudroom" of our house. That right tan cabinet would have been about where a door to the original porch was. I only know this because all the other houses in our neighbor hood have their door there.

Day one of our laundry room. It has an "ABC 123" kind of paper boarder at the top, oak cabinets, and blue and white linoleum flooring.

In an attempt to run gas lines we moved a cabinet, removed drywall, and scrapped up the floor. Would have just needed to remove the drywall. Oh well. It stayed like this until mid October.

My machine stand inspiration came from this picture. I didn't need it to be black but it gave Hubbs an idea how to get the laundry off the floor. We didn't spring for the drawers that match since money was tight enough when we bought our machines.

A sneak peek through the door. These windows actually have two cafe curtains on them for privacy for the half bath, but I figured this was a cuter picture!

The stands that Hubbs built! It was measure to fit from wall to cabinet, but we got rid of the cabinet on the right. The basics were from work and hold our dirty laundry for sorting. Waiting for laundry to pile up in the shoot and then try to sort was not working in that little room.

Hubbs also built a spacer in between the machines. It holds two baskets for hangers and dirty rags. My soap also sits here since I can't reach the cabinets anymore!

We painted the room Bungalow Gold that we had left over from the living/tv/hall project. The cabinets stayed oak, for now. I might be changing them to white if it bugs me enough! The curtain will go some time too I hope, but for now its enough privacy to keep people on the porch from looking.

The half that makes this room a "half bath" The cabinet will go white if the other shelves do too.

Well that is the 1/2 bath make over for now. I think I'll be hanging a sign in it that says "Water Closet" just because it would be cute!

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