Monday, April 09, 2012

Kitchen update 2

Ok, back for the other side of the kitchen.
Friendly reminder, this is what that side looked like when we moved in
Stove top with no counter space, double oven with the bottom half only working part time, 10 inch deep counter that was worthless, and tiny fridge.

This is what it looks like today. A 15 inch cabinet (with counter to come) a fancy stove that will be here in two weeks is keeping its place with the old stove (girl has to cook) and then another 15 inch cabinet! That's a lot of counter space if you don't want to do the math, which I don't. Then there is the 90" tall pantry that is 12" deep and 24" wide. It is so tiny and holds SO MUCH FOOD! Its great. Then the cabinet over the fridge. We'll be getting a new black fridge in about a month and this one will holds it's place.

Pantry goodness just for honesty sake. If you want to really snoop you can tell I have a half a shelf of Cream of Chicken and like 8 boxes of banana nut bread mix. Holiday baking and cooking leftovers I guess.

and a picture of the new light just for fun. It isn't as bright as we wanted it to be. However, when it is actually dark outside it gives off plenty of light.

Well, Grandma hopefully that gives you a good understanding of my kitchen at this point in time ;)

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  1. I'm still reading, too!!! :) Looks great. LOVE that light fixture and LOVE the pantry!!!