Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ridiculous Rabies

Through a series of unfortunate events my dog has ended up in dog jail under a rabies quarantine. This 10 day break from fur baby would be fine (and expensive) if it wasn't for my fast approaching move. How fast...the flashiest of flashes...packers tomorrow, movers in two days, leaving in three. This being said her Oklahoma required 10 day sentence will only make it to 5 in this state with the help of an amazing women at the Oklahoma Department of Health. She has worked all day along with me finding a solution. After an agreement was formed (5 days in each state) the search was on for a Licensed veterinary facility to transfer the criminal to (criminal is only used for the sake of fun, no crime was actually committed see first six words of post). However, this very very important quarantine is viewed differently in PA. Apparently they prefer at home stays unless the animal in question was actually bit and is being watched for developing rabies. This being the rule of thumb after calling about 30 vet facilities (many more than once) I found a non licensed kennel that quarantines dogs that is state certified. what is the difference in licensed and certified I have no idea, but the state of OK is looking into the situation and is reporting back. This is a crazy system I am working with. The vet that she is currently held up with now will say she doesn't have rabies, so will animal control who picked her up, but neither want to release her against the law. I get that, I respect law-abiding-only-doing-my-job people, they have been help full, but nobody wants to be the one that says mercy! I feel so bad for my fur baby because, of course, she doesn't understand whats going on. She will spend her last 5 days a the only place she has known as home in a kennel and the first five days of her new home in a kennel with a very very long 2 day car ride in between. My fur baby is going to hate me! Lots of big raw hide bones coming her way!

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  1. At least they will free Mia to go to another state...this whole stupid thing is so obnoxious.