Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Habits

With an abundant amount of free time this summer I have fallen into the land of blog. I started with Young House Love (formally This Young House) and their amazing ranch style make over and recently (like midnight last night) discovered The Lettered Cottage. I spent hours last night digging in her archives and have spent hours today going deeper into her house remodel. It gave me so many good ideas that I laid in bed last night dreaming of white walls, $.99/sq ft wood flooring and burlap/sheet curtains.

I have decided that my "new" dated kitchen would be a perfect place to start my "Like Layla" kitchen remodel. Taking down the coffee inspired border and putting in a new light fixture up dating a few appliances and filling in the missing ones and of course painting them all black ( I thought about white but after these picture I think I have to go black) will hopefully make my 80's inspired laminate packed kitchen more drool worth, like my inspiration picture.

You can check out her blog, link above and in "Blog list", for the step by step process that created this amazing cottage kitchen. Also feel inspired by her reading room, Fireplace make over, and guest bedroom.

Great photo's from The Lettered Cottage


  1. Wow!!! So that is gonna look amazing! I volunteer to come help remodel!

  2. I love black cabinets! We have dark colored ones that are almost black and I think they make the kitchen look so much cleaner! I love the movement towards open looking rooms and bright colors. Who knew white walls could look that good?

  3. Ok, so I just noticed the oar over the bed...and I laughed for quite sometime. Mostly because I LOVE IT!