Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Release

After seen Harry Potter yesterday and getting up to date on summer releases here are a few movies that I am wanting to see:

1. First and formost... "Time Travelers Wife" I have read this book twice and and fully intend on reading it again before its August 14th release date. I have read a few reviews and like the idea behind this one the most. I love that Rachel McAdams is going to play Clair (the wife). I have liked her since her role in The Note Book. I hope the producers and company do the book justice. It was a great twist on the classic love story. If you believe the books are usually better then the movie, you won't be disappointed if you read this one!

2."Away we go" I have seen minimal reviews for this movie (no TV could account for that) but I feel that it is something right up my ally. It appears to be an independent film which I have grown to like over the last year. I enjoy the male character a lot in his main TV role.

3. "The Purposal"- I love all things Sandra Bullock. Ok... maybe not all things, could have done without Miss Congeniality 2. But this new movie looks like classic Sandra and I am ready to laugh, maybe tear up, roll my eyes, and silently clap when her and the sexy leading man finally kiss and realize they have movie love!

4. "Transformers 2" Because I saw one... I must see two. I will however wait for it to come to be via mail. I am not in a hurry and have no desire to see it on the big screen.

5. "My sister's keeper" In order to not be a hypocrite I feel that I need to read the book before I watch the movie. I have heard wonderful things about this tear jerker and believe that I will love the movie. I heard they changed the ending from the book, and in true Hollywood style probably made it worse and happily ever after. With that being said, I will not send way for this movie until the book is good and read!

6. "The answer man"- A random movie a found looking through the releases for the summer. I didn't even know what it was about until I read the review. It is full of people that I just love... basically read the review and every name mentioned holds a place in my heart. Between casting fabulous women from Gillmore girls, Nick and Norah's, and (the forever amazing) Juno I don't think this movie could even go wrong on principal! Since I have heard of this at all I am sure I will have to wait for the oh so sun or rain postal system to deliver my blue ray of sun shine.

Is there a movie out there that you are dying to see? Saw one that wasn't worth the hype? What do you think?

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  1. Dying to see Away We Go and Harry Potter. Must see Harry Potter in theaters...can wait until video release for just about everything else. I like going to the movies, but the summer movie crowd (13 year-olds with nothing else to do) drives me up a wall...I need an adult movie theater...but not the kind PeeWee Herman frequents.