Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Water water every where

Alright, drinking 8 glasses of water is more then one of my spark goals. Yesterday I barely achieved it and today I am finished with glass number two and I have been up less then two hours!
I understand the point behind it, but I find my self knocking back water like a college freshman knocks back beer.... No real need to do it but to keep pace with everyone else. I have to force my self to drink water almost every time I refill the glass. However I continue to refill, if I don't its not sitting in front of me being a tease.

In attempt to read some articles and get some spark points I wondered over to the health and fitness chat board. One of the topics was "How much water did you drink" Think I would get a big boost out of this I stepped in. To my surprise many people got their 8 glasses and more! I am usually chugging that last glass before I crawl into bed. I can't understand how these people drink more.

In addition to that, all I do is sit around here all day minus the 30 minute walk with the dog. If I was at work there is no way I would be able to get in the number of glass it would take to let me keep up with this goal nor would I be able to get to the bathroom fast enough or enough times. How do people do it!? I feel that every activity I do is either interrupted with a bathroom break or begins and ends with one! I am floating here in the middle of this very dry heat wave. Water Water every where and I feel like I have to drink it all.

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  1. I tell you what works for me. I bought one of those unbreakable water containers (Nalgene, I think) and I take it with me to schools and class. I always make sure there is water in it, and that makes it way easier for me to keep drinking. However...the bathroom breaks rapidly become annoying, but you are of childbearing age! What a great way to start rumors around the office!