Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 1 continued

After entering my food info into spark people I realized I met my protein goal and exceeded my other intake goals. Some where dead and buried while others could have been saved if it was not for lunch (but the pizza tasted good).

I did however walk about a mile or so (30 minutes) with the dog, gave her a bath, did a mini work out for 20 minutes or so, and mowed the lawn. Overall I was more active then I have been in a week and I think I actually ate better. So points for me!

I have also started reading the "Eat Clean Diet for Family and Kids" book. I decided to start with this one hoping it would give me tips to convince dear hubby to eat clean with me. What good is a new healthy life style if the other half isn't playing along? So far I really like the idea behind it. I originally went to the store to get a book about pre-prepared meals to freeze but since they didn't have it and I had been looking at the isle for an hour plus I was determined to come away with a book! DH and I have been talking about greening up our food selections. The idea behind all the chemicals and processing is getting to us. Luckly with out any research I came across a book that supports the same theory. I am totally incouraging it to anyone who wants to eat healthier but not be on a "diet".

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