Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home Office

As I type this we (hubby and I) are in the middle of building our new home office... aka Closet desk. I saw this idea in a number of places. Ok really I don't remember where, but I must have shown them to Hubby enough times that he agreed to let me do it. I really think it was an excuse to spend money that actually created a project, bonus that it benefited me too. Right now we have two light colored pieces of "country" cabinets. They didn't look country at my parents, but they would look really country compared to what we (meaning I) are trying to acomplish.

So...the solution. We are taking the closet of our spare bedroom (because we don't need it as storage) and putting 4 new shelves in. One 2ft and 3 1 ft. This will hold *hopefully* all of our computer needs. We measured everything and even sized up Ikea office organizers. I would show pictures but my camera is a dead as a door nail or as dead as the three mice my dog and cat have hunted down and played with yesterday. That is however another story. Someday pics to come. And yes... yesterday's hint does still pertain!

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