Monday, August 31, 2009

Clean Frozen

So yesterday was a perfect day. We worked out in the garage where there was no breeze needed to enjoy the out doors. We were working on the soon to be guest room's new "office closet". Pictures to come... I promise... I just have to find my docking station! Well.. the great weather lead us to open our windows yesterday and all last night. This morning we woke up to a less then agreeable 50 degrees. Alright I would even have to guess that closer to dark A.M. that it was more like 40. A few very important degrees above freezing. What is shocking is that it is still August, I am in LAYERS of clothes, and the kid next door went to school in shorts and a t-shirt. It has turned into a great day I believe... I haven't checked the temp, but in my layers while playing with the dog it was quite nice.

Secondly... or whatever... I am on a cleaning challenge. Between Happy House and FlyLady I have been encouraged to do a little every day... and eventually have a Happy Super clean house. Alright... the Super part is my idea... but its a goal. I think I might have to take out a dog and a cat in the process... or at least shave them bald but I'll keep ya posted. Both of their processes involve cleaning routines. Flylady's first step... clean your skin. That is day one of the process... and part of your new nightly routine. Happy House challanges to make your bed and... Well I don't remember what the first week's challange was... I wasn't around for it. So my challanges so far... make the bed and clean the sink. Im 1-1 right now. :( I should go make my bed!) I however challange you to take on this challange. FlyLady is set up to help those with CHAOS to declutter and clean up (pretty much in that order) their house by baby step cleaning. Happy House is just a 20 something year old gal on a mission to have the best possiable house. Check it out... seriously!

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