Thursday, September 03, 2009

Cool mornings

What is it with cool mornings? They might be the prettiest around... but they make it so darn hard to get out of bed and go see! Dear Hubby left me around 6 this morning for a business breakfast. By 7:30 I was so cold I got out of bed and got up and put my layers on. I can not fathom why it is so cold this early in the year. I am not prepared for this. I realize after a week I should not be shocked about this. No the windows were not open, but yest the air conditioner was running. But really it was not running running the outside keeps the inside cool from late evening to late morning. I don't really need my summer back... and I know I am looking forward to the fall. I can't wait to wish to buy pumpkins, mum, and the rest of the decor items that will eventually make it to my house when I win the lottery. I think I will also hire someone to decorate for me seeing how that is not always fun... or maybe they will just run up and down the stairs bringing me things and then they will put it away at the end. That would be nice. Until then I will be happy with my Pier 1 new curtains. Alright... not new... but just because they were on clearance and at the store forever doesn't mean they aren't mine! I got two different kinds one set for the living room and one set for the dinning room since you see both of them from each room. I have however decided that I need for them all to be orange and not just one window. I know... what is the world coming to. I have absolutly not green in my closet with the exception of a shirt that I loved so I bought it in every color that it came in and I have only orange shirts that have OSU or ADPi on them. So why I ask you is my whole house turning orange and green?!?!? Recap... Den room (down stairs)- green, bathroom 2 -green, living room (up stairs)- green red and orange, Dining room-orange and tan, Bathroom 1- green, Guest 2-was going to be orange and green but husband now things blue and green (he likes a chair), Guest 1 (the loner room)- red black and white, and the Master -Yet to officially be decided but leaning towards orange blue and brown. So out of 8 rooms green is a main color in 5 maybe 6, and orange is 2 maybe 4. That seems alot for my least liked, always against top two colors. Where is my favorite colors purple? Black? blue? No where to be found really... Of course the black red and white room but thats only because I still have my heart set on a mural of "life" magazines. Sorry about so much type... hope you are having a great day!

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