Monday, September 07, 2009

Its My Birthday!!

yeah Ok... its my Birthday... I am a quarter of a century old... or 25 whatever makes me fill younger! LOL. How have I spent my day so far you ask? BUSY!!!

I woke up about 10. Ok... that wasn't the busy part but Hubby got in about 7 am from the rig and I thought "I'll stay in bed as long as he is in bed" but at 9:30 when I woke up and for the next 30 minutes of trying to "wake" him up with out him knowing it I finally decided I needed to get up! Why was I still in bed? I knew the house was a mess and I wanted to get things done before I went to work today at 5 ( Hopefully the lab is still down and I can cashier). So... I got out my handy "radio" that I won the other day at work, hunted down the two batteries needed (AAA when I only had free) and got to work. Did a load of dishes and wiped down the kitchen before 11 when I really woke the hubby up. Then I got the laundry put together while hubby got out of bed, took the sheets off the bed, gathered the towels and got it all down stairs to do my second load of laundry (there was all ready a clothes pile from outside work from the day before, they don't make it up stairs!). I went around gathering things up when the hubby fixed lunch. Afterwards I cleaned all the floors and straightened the dinning room while hubby vacuumed the up stairs. I swept the down stairs while he did the stairs, he vacuumed the rug while I mopped the wood floors, all while doing laundry as needed and putting it way accordingly! He also managed to hang the new curtains over the living room window while I did my FLYlady cleaning missions for the week... Yes the whole week. I am so proud of my self. Also my kitchen is seriously clean! I did the cabinets, fridge, and something else. The other missions where to sweep and clean the counters which I did before I even knew what the mission for the week was. The zone is kitchen this week which if I hadn't spent so much time organizing it at the beginning of the month when I moved in I would be spending more time on it now. Maybe I'll find a project that needs doing! I have Tuesday and Thursday off and I have no idea what I'll be doing since the cleaning for the week is done. Why have you not gone to FLYlady yet? Its AMAZING!!

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  1. Wow, busy birthday girl! How about you teleport to Sherman and clean my house to kthnx! Ha