Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pain in the...Neck

I went to the chiropractor today. I got re-adjusted which I apparently really needed because I have been hurting all day with my body trying to "fix" it self back into the position it had grown accustomed to. I think this is a development of lifting large awkward things at work (people... I have a scanner leave the darn thing in the cart!!) and just being on my feet in general way more then I am use to! Also being brilliant I popped a rapid release something or other and went into the dinning room. Now yesterday I was being odd and pulled a large piece of wall paper down. Today... I finished pulling all the top coat off. My blue and flowered paper dinning room is now blue and .... well kind of yellowed stripped. The glue part of the paper didn't come off on about 90% of the walls so I have to wipe them down then scrape it off... it its soaked well it peels off just like the top coat... its just actually wetting it down and not getting the water to run down my arm that is the messy part. After ripping layer one off and doing about a panel of glue scrapping my neck hurt enough that I wimped out and went back to watching DIY projects on TV. Hopefully this week I'll finish scraping the glue off and this weekend I might paint... LOL. Doupt it... but it is a nice thought.

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