Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day off...

Alright... So I had my second day off this week and no I don't have the weekends off either. So... I decided last night I needed some sugar. That's right good'ol processed bad for ya sugar. So when I clocked off work last night I went back to the food isles and grabbed two batches of cookies on sale, a box of strawberry cake, and cream cheese icing. This morning I HAD to make sure i was up by 9 because I had a furnace cleaning guy coming by. He showed up at 10, clean the furnace, told me it was broken and rusted out, and that I needed a new one! This led me to calling the home warrenty people about getting someone out here to confirm the problem so they can replace it... or atleast give me money so I can replace it! Wouldn't that be nice. It will probably take me more work to get the money out of them instead of a new crappy furnace! Either way.... Also I was feeling domestic... and still having that sugar craving so I baked up the cake mix. I made 12 mini cupcakes (already ate one...) topped them off with a star of icing and then the incrediably thick cake is cooling. I could only find one cake pan as opposed to my pie pan I would have used also. I'll be icing the cake before hubby gets home... We are having fish and rice tonight if I ever remember to defrost the freaking fish... *note I just got off my butt and did it so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore!* So now I am procrastinating about laundry and tidying up and working out.

I have my one year anniversary come up sooner then I thought and I would like to be in a great shape before then. Yes I said "a great shape" I don't mean a perfect one... because that won't happen... but "a great" one sutted for me would be just fine. I don't think I am going to lose tons and tons of weight... or even a few lbs... but as long as every thing didn't jiggle and my jeans zip I'll be happy!

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