Wednesday, September 16, 2009

getting creative.

I am cold... as always and completely in the mood to decorate my unfurnished house until it is busting at the seams with fall and Halloween decorations. To further push my desire over the ledge I googled some images that I feel are to die for... (spooky cackle here)



and this is about all I found on google. Kind of sad actually so... I hit up retail stores!
Low and behold... I knocked on two and found nothing I loved... so martha Stewart...

Doesn't that look rich and elegant. Way to fine for my home... but something my mother's could pull off

This however would go divine in my crazy house...

and in a heavily treated area this would be an amazing site to see walking up...

For a dark and scary look, that actually made me think of harry potter for some reason...

Ever so popular right now...and a great way to use a cake plate that has just sat there since we received them as wedding gifts.

I am loving the idea of changing the art work in your home to go with the seasons. This gives me great ideas....

and if I didn't have lovely blue carpet lining my stairs I would be all over this in a heart beat!!

and this one would serve from fall until christmas if done right..

Has this got your ideas and juices flowing? Hope it helps. Have any idea of your own? Think its too early? Let me know!

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  1. Ok, so not a fan of the rat pumpkins! But I love that Martha Stewart picture! I also like the wheat wreath. Simple and Pretty. And those lit up lined pumpkins would be awesome but a whole lotta work!!!
    I think once we get moved, we will decorate pumpkins (I can't wait to see Wyatt's face when he feels the squishy pumpkin insides ha!!) Yay fall and halloween! Wait until you see his halloween outfit! Too freaking cute!!!!!