Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sad times

So I had to delete my Arbonne blog. It is against company policy to advertise on the internet. I had 25 published post that I was very very proud of. I think I have made the decision to stop using the product. I truly enjoy everything it has to offer, even the at home business that I am sure I'll be wanting later in life, but I am not a driven enough person to make this work. I don't have the money to support my own products, I don't personally care about skin care and make up enough to desire such high end products, and I don't socialize with people who personally think differently about them selves.

I would love to make the money that my up line makes and I would love to be able to afford the products, but I don't use enough to continue my discount (at least I don't feel that way right now). So in January, when my $15 dollars are due, I think I will be declining the offer (unless it comes with a great package like last year, think $300 of product for $150 or something like that). I only buy make up really once a year when I get it at such great prices so I can't justify continuing nor does my sell records (none really) justify me staying in either.

Bummer... bad day off.

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