Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crayola crazy colors

So we broke down and bought some paint yesterday and started painting. Many of you have gotten text about it so far... but hey its the only thing going on in my life so give me a break! There was already a chair rail in place and we thought it classed up the place so we kept it. Who am I to turn down a little class? So after ripping down all the blue and white flower wall paper and left over glue we primed the blue paint under the chair rail. This looked bad... but it was primer so I didn't care. Then we went at the top half with Almond Oil. It turned out "crayola Flesh" if any of you remember that color. Its not politically correct to assume flesh must be a pasty tan color so I know they have changed it but I do not know the p.c. name.

The bottom half we painted today. Before we did that though we decided to rip down the chair railing (we were going to leave it up but decided against it when we pulled the paint off and realized part of the wall wasn't painted). Under the railing was two more kinds of wall paper! neither one had been visiable from the previous set up. So another round of scraping in sued, however this time I had to be a tad more careful and not scratch off the new paint. What did the new paper look like you ask? Well I'll tell you... white with pink flowers and a green latus. Exciting I know right!? Apparently you aren't suppost to do anything in a dining room other then wall paper. Well baby I broke the modle and painted! The bottom... finally... was painted "bronco brown" which really looks like a dark carmel and if I am being inpolitically correct cayola wise its "mexican" hehe. Sorry its a really bad joke and I would like to think I am not that tacky but I'm right now... and hungry.

We have also started staining the chair rail. It was suppost to be "expresso" or "antique walnut" I can't remember with out the can infront of me... but it was a dark dark dark brown. The color that it is now, after two stains, is not dark dark dark brown. I'm not even sure it gets two darks much less one. BUT... it is a newer fresher looking color and it doesn't have such a orange/yellow color that was so popular in the 90's. You remember that light wood color right... yeah, lets forget again.

Well that is my update... and I want to go eat.

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  1. So I think your walnut/expresso color needs a politically incorrect name as well