Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fly Lady

Ugh...due to unplanned planned events my week was thrown for a loop this week.

Normally Monday (or at least Tuesday) I do a clean of the house. Sweep, mop, laundry, straighten up, and all the Fly Lady challenges for the week. It takes the better half of the morning but it gets done and nothing really gets out of hand for the rest of the week until Monday and I realize its time to tidy up again.

Well its now Thursday afternoon and I would say I am about 3/4 the way through my ideal clean state. My living room and dinning room are still a mess but all the paint is done, just drying and waiting on trim (so yes I could clean up a little more), the basement needs mopped... but when doesn't it and I need to wash my sheets but other then that I feel pretty confident in my cleaning today. I even did Fly Lady which took like 10 minutes since I didn't have bed side tables or a messy closet (took care of that a few weeks ago).

However after reading all the e-mails (started with 38 today) I made it through and started 4 list!!! Can you believe that?! Good grief. List one... "Big to Do" this is to help with my mind clutter. A list of the stuff that I know I need to do, isn't really making a large impact, but bugging the hell out of me! Stuff like guest room shelves, wash laundry machine (yes the machine), etc. List two is Husband to do list. This list involves things that I did for my half of what ever the project was and now its his turn. Think clean out closet, drawers, throw away old socks, etc. I am not about to do that for him... I think I would get rid of half of his things I think. List three is my control journals. This is a FlyLady thing. I have broken it up into 3 journals so far: Dream Journal, where I'll plan out my house and know what things I would like to get when I can afford it, Control Journal, the basic every day/week/month/year calender broken down to be manageable for my routine, and last and what I am most excited about Holiday Journal, this would be my journal that I want to start to take Baby Steps to have a wonderful holiday. I am not sure yet what this intails but I am excited to start it so that future holiday's are not crazy!

I don't suffer from CHAOS (cant have any one over syndrom) right now and I want to keep it that way. I want to start good behaviors and routines to make my life easy so that clutter never builds in my home, mind, or body. So although my life seems like a lot of lists and list to do list... I think I am on the right steps and am excited to make them work!

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