Friday, September 25, 2009

Money Tree

Where to people in the blog world get so much money to redecorate and buy things all the time. I feel like because I don't post about a baby/food/home decor that I have nothing to share (ok I really don't but whatever). Seriously though is there money trees out there I don't know about? They always seem to be buying furniture and covering and painting it, they always have the best garage sell finds, always hitting up deals at Target. Garage sells suck... there really isn't anything there, paint and furniture (even bought second hand) are expensive no matter how many times HGTV says "paint is a cheap and easy way to fix things up", and I work at Target... yes there are AMAZING deals going on all the time... on food, or cards, or things really really really out of season... not the gorgeous whatever they just found. True it may be 100's cheaper then the PB version but I hardly call that a deal if it still costly on its own! So... how do these stay at home mom's who "are on a budget" see to budget for all this home decor. Also... how are they like "mid 20's" or slightly older and have all this furniture and decorations!??!?! I have a decent size house half full of furniture, no decorations, and no money to buy anything and we have two jobs! Blog rant over... I should just clean, enjoy my new dinning room and ignore the fact that all I want to do is decorate for christmas and hand out halloween candy (yes maybe in that order).


  1. I know the feeling! If you'll note, none of my "going green" goals really involve additional money. I keep wondering how other mid-twenty somethings end up being so well off so quickly. What's their secret?

  2. I thought money trees came standard with college diplomas. That is what I was told all my life...still waiting for mine to be delivered.

  3. Right?! "they always need teachers" was suppose to come with the money tree right? What happen to everyone retiring and all these position openings???