Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have officially started a blog about my company and its products. Its called "Charming Embellishments" Ok.. I use the word company because I don't know what to call it, but basically I am selling Arbonne skin care products. I spent a lot of time working on the lay out and my first few entries to only resort back to the plain Jane basic layout that blog spot offers because it is simple, uncluttered, and clean. Exactly what I feel describes my products.

Click on over there because you know you want to and you probably have the time. In the mean time back to blog baby number one...

My Day (the unoffical title)
I decided today to mix up work and rewards. Tomorrow (evening) I start working at my local red retail store. I knew I need to get work done now because once I have work as an excuse I'll never get anything done again! So I have alternated work (cleaning, vacuming, and rearranging) with rewards (eating, music, comp time). This has worked amazingly well! The down stairs is cleaner then I even thought was possiable... ok not clean but uncluttered. Thanks to my Handy Dandy Hubby who put up two sets of shelves this weekend I have moved boxes and unboxed clutter to the new shelves in Mystery room. This led to a whole "sofa" to be freed and a few pictures to be displayed ("I for got I had these!" sort of thing). This also spured a mini and yet to be completed project of moving the upstairs clutter to the new shelves. I'll make sure most of it gets done befor hubby gets home. I also still need to vacum up stairs (did the actual stairs, I feel I have accomplished alot) and cook dinner... but that will be a while coming seeing how hubby is in another state.

A new think I would like to try... Prayer requests. I'll save the thoughts behind that or another post... but you got a need? You got a request? You have free time? Lets help each other out.

First offical prayer request shout out goes to my dear friend who interviewed for a job today. I'm sure things will work out for the best, but lets hope she gets the job anyways!

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