Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Do List

Ever have a "to do list" that is so long you don't even want to write it out or really look at all the mess you have lined up? That is where I am sitting this morning. I have officially been up for less then 30 minutes and have spent it all on the computer. Doing work of course (Arbonne not facebook!) but still. I need to file, clean, laundry, well ok... that doesn't sound like alot until you see how much filing and laundry there needs to be done... I do need to do a lot of stuff outside the house. Get my PA license and tag (really hard to do I don't even want to think about it). Price book put together. Also a very time consuming project that would be incrediably handy if I would just do it. And I am sure a load of other stuff seeing how I am so recistant towards it I am even posting about not doing it just so I don't have to do it! Maybe their will be an update on progress later....

Edit Irony (30 minutes later)

So I didn't get up and clean right away... in fact... I found some blogs about cleaning! Check out the button and click on it to see the blog I mean.

I can't believe she is so super organized!

I also found this little ditty of a site: I can't believe how easy it is to hop from one site to the next and never notice the time flying by. Oh well...

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