Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something Creative

Alright so the title isn't really a give away to the post since I couldn't come up with "something Creative" to say. But I digress. Started work yesterday. Had my first 8 hour shirt. I need new shoes. My feet are killing me, or where and will. This might be a problem... stupid retail. Other then that I am fine. I'll be working like 30.5 hours this week then 18 the next week. Great... there goes that idea of a steady pay check! What sucks is the hours for photo lab are either closing or opening... which i guess is a plus because cashier hours are completely random in the middle of the day, or the beginning or the end, or the afternoon... etc. Its so ... RANDOM! I don't even get a constant day off. Wish I could spin that to happen. Atleast when I worked in food I knew what days worked regardless! Oh well

Also for all you tone on tone or white colored people you must check this out! Cabin8 is the name of the fabulous re-do that I just stumbled across through a blog through a blog.... kind of thing. I am really loving the tone on tone that I must do if I ever have a cottage/beach house... but until then I'll totally love my punk colors that I want to rock. Check it out though if you haven't drooled in a while... if anything do it for the kitchen!

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