Sunday, August 23, 2009


There are tons of Sites to see and Places to go... but today I am talking about websites! I stumbled upon one last night that I think would be great for my "readers" (lol readers... haha).

But My first real addiction to the web was Post Secret. Every morning (until today) I would wake up do what I need to do to function the rest of the day and come sit at my computer and read the post of the day. I get a huge kick out of knowing I just read someone's secret while at the same time in awe that someone even it as a secret. Check it out if its not already an addiction.

The reason I blog and am pushing it on everyone. Young House Love. It is the reason I am annoying about posting as I am. It is the reason I can not go a day or more with out logging on. It is the reason (along with the next one) that I think white is the ultimate color that all houses should be decorated around. It is the reason ( I think) that Ikea has single handily become my favorite place to shop. Thank you YHL.

The lettered cottage... not my style but I want everything she has... how does that work? I don't know! She is amazing and I loved the white, white, white that is her house!

Power Bower is also a site that I must check up on. I can't find the actual link... dang it. But it is definitely on my follow list! Check out her yard make over and the basement. To Die For! Ok... maybe not die... but I might kill for the wood floors. I would settle for some information and a sell though!

And last... the new ones. I think both will be great, but I am not sure yet.... The first on that I found a few days ago was featured on YHS and then again in a magazine... Got to love that right? I dont' know what to make of it yet... going to stalk the archives and see what I can find. Mommies and mommies to be... I totally think you should check this out. Etsy shop and everything. Second... A sorority sister trying to live the "cheap-must-save-money-for-my-family-life" that I think we all want to do. Check it out. I have only read what is posted right now (once again going to snoop later) but I think it will give you a pretty good perspective on saving.

Got any tips? Want to share? Let me know... I am dying to make my life simple and easier!

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  1. FML! I love F My Life! Matt and I read them at the end of the day to make ourselves feel better if it's been a crummy one!!