Thursday, August 20, 2009


I did 5 hours in orientation yesterday and it was interesting. I left for work an hour early to drive 30 minutes and get "dinner" at a fast food place. An hour plus I actually got to the building after taking 30+ minutes to travel 2 miles due to the wreck in town. I was maybe 5 miles way from the store and it took me 40 minutes to get there! Very silly.

Today the Hubby has stayed home and hasn't done much. He is enjoying the "Stay at home" syndrome that only last the first few days before boredom sets in. I however have been VERY produtive and have been planning out post for CE. I have great plans for next week, another great deal starting next wednesday and no idea what I'm going to post about tomorrow! Oh well.. maybe I'll plan out a little more. I am working on getting a give away started. Any suggestions on what you would like given away? Any idea where I could "advertise" my blog and business?! I am in need of some help!

I think after dinner tonight Hubby and I are going to go mini golfing at the local range. Its a cute little course on a side of a mountain/hill. If I am a good blogger I'll take pictures and post!

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  1. let's you make a banner in html format that can be clicked on as a hyperlink to a blog or website. Maybe you could make a banner that advertises and try using it on a myspace/facebook/message board type thing to get people reading :)