Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dazed and Confused

I got up this morning at 6:45 am. Which is incredibly early seeing how the previous week 9 would have been considered an early wake up. Never mind those facts though, I climbed/rolled out of bed turned on the blinding light and music and got going. My 7:15 I had hit the road. By 7:45 I was at the check out lanes and checking gum for expiration dates. By 10:00 I had opened the photo lab. That is where I invented the word "snarky". I feel this word could encompass a variety of unpleasant moods and attitudes. Today it was illiterate, whiny, and rude.

Case one: Women standing at Kiosk. "This machine is making me do something I have already done!" her. Me "well let me see what I can do" I walk around the counter and look at the screen her " ever time I come here these machines are broken and won't do what I want" (side note and science experiment: common factor her! machines change, problems change, she is still the same. Just saying) She is attempting to print pictures but instead of viewing, picked "sort by date" so she sorted, chose the dates then had to view this was her "problem" She had to pick them twice. Yes... when you go that route, that's how it works, not broken. Then I inform her "You can only print 200 pictures at a time" she currently has 300+. Gets irritaded and whiny with me " So you mean I have to make two orders and choose which pictures are on which?" Like I suggested she pick a child to throw to the lions and then worship the other one. Yeah lady... tough choice when you want them all printed! So we covered rude, whiny, and illiterate seeing how all the things I said were in the insturctions above her options!

Case two: Man and two kids "Can I see what is on these things?" holding up a SD card. Me: " Sure stick it in hit view" him: "its not doing anything" Daughter "yeah you have to touch the screen" Dad (not touching screen) "still not doing thing (lounder)" Computer "touch the option you would like to continue with" Me (behind the computer and reaching over) "Prints and Enlargements (touch) then digital (touch) then go from there" Him "still not doing anything!" Walk around thinks *fair enouch screen is blank could have said that too... hum* take card out of drive and switch cards. Follows through with this on 3 cards and decideds card 1 doesn't work. Man "So can you like take a picture with this card and see if it prints" Me "No sir I don't have a camera, I don't know much about SD cards, I would suggest electronics" He huffs... literally a grown man with two kids and walks down the isle after I attempt to give him directions. Rude, Whiny, again illiterate and apprently def!

Quote of the day: "Just because we are standing behind the counter doesn't make us photo gods" from my fellow photo lab friend who agreed that the man was snarky!

Moral of the story: "read directions, listen, and do as you are told" funny how that pretty much applies to life in general!

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