Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day off

Yesterday was my first day off in what feels like forever... but was really closer to a week/week +. Husband was home for the first time in 5 days. I made him stick a round the house and do something with me. If you remember a while back I posted about the closet remodel in the guest/office room. We took the un-needed closet and put 4 shelves in it. Sort of like this closet from evadesigns. Only ours is a lot less organized at this moment!

Opposite of this wall we are installing a bed-frame-bookcase that Anthony has been making on and off for a month. We have a hand me down down down twin day bed and troundel bed currently in the guestroom. The mattress are old (obviously) but still work. However the bed frame has seen better days. So we will salvage everything off the day bed but the wood to re-purpose in the new office/guest room. At the foot of the bed will be a 1 foot deep chest (for hiding extra pillows) and shelves opened to the room. On the head side of the room will be a 24 in shelve (due to a window they couldn't be even) that has 2 shelves facing the room and then a three shelf 'book case' above it acting as a head board. We are currently in the down time between primer and paint on that particular project. We had to move it to the basement since it was too cold to paint out side. Think something like this only put against two wall not just one.

Photo from this site which seems to have some great head board ideas if you are thinking about changing some things up!

In front of the bed covering up the book case and chest I will be hanging red paneled curtains from a wire and eye hook system found at IKEA. Hopefully this will give it a unexpected pop of color and at the same time be bold. If romantic or luxurious comes from the drapes too it will only be a bonus!

The bed will have a white fluffy down comforter with a variety of pillows. For valentines day I would love to have the red flower/rose pillow on the bed.

For good measure maybe a fuzzy pillow

A trendy pillow would be nice

And to round out the holiday's!

I am also not above these lovely pillows (apparently being domestic makes you crave pillows!)

And yesterday we went out to buy a chair. We had originally discussed the printed fabric chair. Its sales status instantly bumped it up to first place. However, when we returned yesterday with the intentions of buying it was no longer on sale. Instead we got a leather all black chair in the same shape. It was 1/3 due to one leg being 1/2 in too short. We have carpet and a saw, it wont be a problem for much longer!

Once its all put together some black and white art, a red clock, a black iron work mirror and some nick knacks for the shelves and I will have my first officially completed bed room!

Pictures have links or credit.

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