Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Design Style Kitchen

I got curious so off I went to find my Classic Elegance Kitchen. Or at least kitchens I love.

I wouldn't design this kitchen for my self, but I might buy a so so house soley for this kitchen. The unusual lights (maybe the "new" part), the great center isle, the focus on the stove, all makes this kitchen swoon worthy for me. That pop of color on the walls, I feel, adds to a modern feel that accessories or the rest of the space could easily follow.

The other side of this kitchen has (apparently) a window seat. Once again I would take this area in a so so house and love it with all of my heart. As is I think it is wonderful, to bring it more to my style I would change fabrics to bolder colors that would either match fabulously with the yellow wall or contrast greatly... I am thinking greens, blues, and maybe purples! Although a rich orange and vibrant red would work for my taste too.

If someone could build me a house, decorate it, and figure out how to keep it clean I would do anything that it would take to have this kitchen. I think I would have to cute down on he amount of things I have but wouldn't this room be nice? I see tons and tons of baking going on in this room. It instantly calms me even though I didn't know I was stressed!

On a different note this dark, neutral, and warm kitchen inspires long talks, great meals, and dinner parties (as apposed to above's afternoon lunches). The various textures, unique lights, and interesting accents makes this an equally interesting space for me.
Opposite of the amazing kitchen with fabulous lights is this beauty of a window seat. Even though you see a glimpse of the ocean in the window its not hard to tell this kitchen belongs on an upscale beach house. This isn't your "everything in blue" with a billion windows kind of house. This is possibly a house you stay in all year, even when its too cold to swim. But the window seat with the bench and picnic style seating makes me want to grab the dog and the arrangement. The clean warm lines fits in perfectly with what I desire.

Once again the pictures that I drool over seem to have nothing in common except a great seat in a fabulous kitchen. I feel that if I ever have money I will need a seriously good designer to help me steer my house in the direction that will make me happy. Clearly I am confused on what I want!

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