Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Traditional

I decided I would embrace my Classic Elegance (after I clicked on "save" and couldn't get it off my HGTV profile). I started to search around on the topics listed because they go well with what I was looking at. I came across "New Traditional" the combining of traditional and modern. I might be in love!

I just LOVE the white accents and neutral colored walls. Even though the couch doesn't look comfy or usable it looks amazing!

I attempted to find more ideas of New Traditional decor on HGTV but fell short with my attention span. Off to Google...



Both of the above pictures shows the clean lines, tight fabric, and arguably neutral colors with a pop of warm color. Both very much my style... but Traditional? No. Classic? NO. Victorian? HAHA NO!

But then again... I would take picture 1 over picture 2 and 3 any day... so what does that say? Most importantly... Can I mesh the three together and just be happy?

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