Monday, October 19, 2009

My Style

In search of a search I could type into Google I used the HGTV's "What's My Style" quiz and I thought I was as truthful as I could be. My results willed:

Your style is Spanish Inspired

Hand-woven textiles, vivid colors, stout furniture grounded by earthy textures and rich history. Rustic and warm, my home is my hacienda.

Well... I can't really disagree with hand-woven textiles, vivid colors, stouth funiture, earthy textures or rich history or even rustic and warm. Maybe the "Spanish" title is putting me off. I picture color choices that are kindly discribed as bold and wild. I picture bulls and chickens, tiled everything, and drying food hanging from the walls. However in my search to find pictures to represent the "ugliness" of the style I came across these photos. As long as I can have the over grown garden and the calm colors of Spain and Mexico I want to avoid at all cost overly tiled and colored decor.

In protest I retook the quiz and discovered this time I am

Your style is Classic Elegance

Traditional but not typical. Classic lines, tailored fabrics, a neutral palette with warm accents. Traditional and Victorian styles work in my home.

I am perfectly ok with "Traditional but not typical, classic lines, tailored fabrics, and a neutral palette with warm accents" even though I bet we considered all that very different things. However "traditional and Victorian styles work in my home" might be very far off... so I Google again!

The search resulted in... well pictures I didn't not expect:

Nowhere in this picture do I think "traditional and Victorian" however clean lines, tailor fabrics and neutral jump out at me!

Small picture but with the exception of clean lines this idea of elegance and classic leaves me confused.

The last picture (to show a variety of results) really makes me think french country, or at least modern country. Flower pictures, pastel stripes, pinks! Wow... possibly Victorian... but still not my style.

That all leads me to believe that I am deeply confused.

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  1. I took the quiz and ended up with Rustic Charm. I think it's a close fit, but I noticed that when I looked at all the pictures I thought "none of these" alot. LoL.