Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work Work Work

For having such a crappy low paying job, I feel like I am working way too much! Saturday I pulled a 13 hour shift... ok 12 with an hour for lunch in the middle, Sunday a 7.5 hour shift, Monday a 4.5 hour shift, and today 9.5. I realize most of those were really not that long... specially the 4.5... but when all my shifts are 4.5 or right around that... the rest that I mentioned seem ungodly long! Granted I wanted the money so that I can spend it all. What do I want to spend the money on... oh let me count the ways....

1. New Mattress (king and hopefully better then the current)
2. New bedroom furniture (more modern and up to date)
3. New bed frame for current mattress for new room
4. New mattress for twin bed for office room
5. Living room furniture (where currently blue carpet and orange curtains are hanging out)
6. New Cabinets
7. New Carpet
8. A deck
9. Landscaping
10. Clothes
11. A bar (in the basement)
12. A pub table with bench stools (one for around 500 would be good too!)
13. Yet to be decided amount of rugs
14. Yet to be decided amount of curtians
15. Yet to be decided amount of light fixtures (lamp and over head)
16. Paved driveway
17. Computer
18. Diamonds (ok now I'm just getting greedy)

We'll see how all that goes... I may have ot take up anther... 4 jobs to make that happen any time soon but we'll see!

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