Thursday, October 01, 2009

Its Official

I am not Green.

After being bored so early in the morning I checked out the nest. To my surprise and delight I realized there are a few new chat boards. One of them was "Green Living". Of course I checked it out. I would love to know who to do my part and not go crazy doing it. Sadly this is not for the non crazies. (sorry Elle if you are laughing or fuming right now) I apparently am a heartless person and will not to do my part.

Why did I jump to this conclusion? I do not want to hand wash all my clothes. I have not seriously pursued reusable cloth bags (although I have briefly thought about it and even suggested it to my husband). I can not get over the smell of vinegar and overwhelmingly prefer the smell of bleach and lemon when my house is "clean" and full of chemicals. And what inspired this post and set me off the diesel climb up the trash pile (as apposed to jumping off the cliff; the more eco friendly version and not as much of a reference to "high horse") the questions speared from these articles or blogs: Here, here, and here for starters.

First off you must click on one of those links to have any idea what I'm talking about...

Ok now that you are back. SERIOUSLY??

I get the cloth diaper idea I do... Diapers are big bulky wasteful (and frankly serve a damn good purpose) and fill up the land fills quickly I am sure. But Family Cloth? old t-shirts, towels, a new Etsy business? SERIOUSLY??? I support everyone's rational decisions to go green. It makes since. Carbon foot prints, land fills, birth control in water mutating fish, men and yet to be known effects. But WOW! The argument that" they aren't that far from cloth diapers for your kids and of course any good environmentalist would be using those so why aren't you treating your self the same way" kind of thinking has been a wake up recoil from green living for me. (yes I was paraphrasing)

As a person recently ( about a year) co-inhabiting with another and expecting to do the laundry (all the laundry) obviously not a room mate situation, I have eventually gotten over the fact that I see and touch his dirty underwear and vise versa. I don't think I could begin to grasp the concept of cloth squares with deliberate #1 and #2 left overs! I realize being a mommy changes things and taking care of your kid (no matter what) is normal. But I do NOT have to pick up after my SO bathroom trips! Too Green for Me. Any thoughts?

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  1. Well, when it comes to cloth wipes, if you are already using cloth diapers, it's no biggie. You just throw the wipes in with the dirty diapers and wash them all together. As far as family cloth goes, I know a lot of people who have started doing this but it's not a step I've felt the need to take just yet.

    Baby wipes are chemically treated with harmful stuff so I can see avoiding those. Toilet paper is just's one of the fastest things to break down and does it effectively.