Friday, October 02, 2009

Another point

Alright so I must be on a RED Living streak (the opposite of Green... a little art humor, possiable communist remarks available also).

While on the new "Green Living" board on the Nest again I came across this.

Once again you must read.

Welcome back.

Let me start with a shade of brown comment (I assume that is what green and red make). I think a more eco friendly living with energy star buildings and cafeterias with local produce is AMAZING! BTW what ever happened to the Alma mater getting a green grocery store? hum... side tracked. These people deciding to live together, collectively use less energy, etc etc is great. Not my life style, but it is theres and I find it wonderful that the school was able to provide such quarters and that people are willing to live life so green.

Back to being big bad red...quote "Rainwater is collected into a salvaged railway tanker car and pumped back into the house to flush the low-flow toilets. Two composting toilets are also available on the second floor; students shovel in wood chips after they use them. The EcoDorm consumes nearly two-thirds less electricity than would a conventional building of the same size." Rain toilets... awsome great use of wasted water (if you get water that offten anyone thinking of doign this in Oklahoma? Can you only use your toliet in the spring? Must we become bears in order to go green?) But my favorite part... composting toilets... I think this is out house idea... only conviently in side. Do you clean these? Is it a composting box with a nice porcolin lid? Are people around the going Green world converting to this? I had considered a compost box for my house before I realized all the wild life in the area would have my left overs scattered through out my yard. But... a composting toliet? Must I look forward to this in my future? Can we not figure out a way to "organically fertalize" and reuse the water again and again for "traditional" toilets? Must I revert to out houses? BTW where are these wood chips coming from? Are they cutting down campus trees? Buying chips from their local hardware store? tearing up old text books. I'm intregied.

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