Saturday, October 03, 2009

Call it a theme

Alright, after the last two post I went in search of something to set me higher on my diesel climb up the trash pile. After a long search (alright a few websites that didn't really push any buttons) I came across "Greenwala top 10 tips from Grandma". Ugh... I get going green is being less wasteful but how is it at all moving forward in development and ease of life? Oh... right its not. Must remind self of this *taps forehead*.

Grandmas tips... or my picks of hers.
1. Save soap slivers – Grandma saved up those little slivers of shower soap to make her own liquid hand soap. Here are instructions how.
Um really? Can you not just buy bulk hand soap? Less packaging... What about using all of your soap?

6. Wash Ziplock bags and reuse
I admit I feel guilty when I use a ziplock and through it away... but I also was not planning on washing and reusing it. Perhaps ziplock is the sole cause of the trash piles (ok no they are not) but this is not the great depression people. Why use ziplock bags if you are concerned. Carry your glass containers around.

10. Bake Break- baking bread from scratch was/is cheaper then bying it. For the part of the loaf that dried out, she cut it up into small cubes, sauteed the cubes to make croutons fo salad.
Someone please point out how baking bread your self is cheaper or easier! I for one do not enough have loaf pans to take on this project, not to mention the kitchen space needed to wash, make, bake or dry the bread. I am speaking from experince. I worked in a bakery for years... I know the area needed for bread making day and it is not my 6 sq ft of counter space and my home oven! So... you say... make one loaf. No where close does this come to be cheaper! I promise. It is only ecomical and green (saving gas to shop, stock, etc the bread) if you make loafs at a time... then... where do you freeze them?

But I also came across this website. I would like to comment on it... but I am not sure I should. I'll leave it for your enjoyment. Let me know if you would go to this extream to be prepared, green, and money effecient. I dont' think I could or would. I'm too lazy and don't know enough to really make it work. I am still trying to keep house plants alive.

Jackies home Steading

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