Sunday, October 04, 2009


I am trying to remember books from my "Young adult" days... when reading was oh so difficult and it took weeks to read a 15 chapter/ 3 pages per chapter book. But now that Little Bro is working on getting is Early Childhood Degree or Elm ed... (aren't they the same..haha) I have been trying to remember books that I read when I was in his designated age group. I came up with a few that he needed to read but need more.

He wasn't diagnosed with his mild reading disorder until late elementary and then didn't find reading until Harry Potter, so I feel like he missed out on a lot of great books. Thus, this is why I am dating back to the good ol 90's and later if I must to recommend some good reading.

The first two books that I told him he had to read or I wouldn't let him teach were:

Some how he made it out of public education with out reading either! I feel like this is a tragedy felt by many. I also suggested that he needed to read Lois Lowry books (more then the giver anyways) and Caroline B. Cooney.

I do believe though, that we won't enjoy the same books. He reads Harry Potter like its going out of style and he has the last remaining copy and he is solely responsible for passing on the story, however I was not so much a fan. Thus I need your help and ideas. Liked Harry? Like someone other then my short list? Let me know so I can past the knowledge on!


  1. The Young Merlin series is pretty good. I'd also throw out Red Dirt Jessie, The Boxcar Children, The Chroni(WHAT!)cles of Narnia, and The Sign of the Beaver

  2. Farhenheit 451, Animal Farm, 1984, any of the Cinderella stories, I really liked Chinese Cinderella. (Fun fact almost every country has its own version of Cinderella. In 2nd grade we did a play to Egyptian Cinderella.) And allow though it isn't a story, Edith Hamilton's Mythology book is really interesting, it tells about teh Greek, Roman, and Norse mythologies.