Monday, October 05, 2009

What a day

So I woke up at 9. Yes, spoiled me. Got cleaning and basically crashed by 11. I still have laundry and what not to do put it pretty much slowed down to a shower and getting ready. Why was I getting ready you ask? Well I was going to town today... no not work, that does NOT require make up and looking nice. I went to actual town. I wanted to go to the Library! So I headed down there some time early afternoon. I made it there, waited 5 minutes so the lady at the desk and the lady checking out could talk about everything but books. Then she goes "Oh... can I help you?" like I was a problem in her day.

After we went through the fact that I needed a piece of mail with my new address and a photo ID I left to go back home to get it. Mind you... how many people show up to a local library in need of steeling books or with the intention to lie about their address? I am freaking 25 and I want to check out books... I was the youngest one there by 25 years... at least! Have a little faith and let a girl check out a book! So I went home got a piece of mail and came back only to realize I didn't have my "Photo ID" like I thought. Found my old ID and school ID... but it took 5 minutes of digging in a very SMALL purse to find my license. GEEZ! Then finally after they used a type writer to make me a library card I start to look in the fiction section... which btw could fit in my kitchen. Only then did I realize I have no idea what I want to read!

Sure there are plenty of books that look good... but you can't see if a book looks good by its spine! So I wonder around for about 5 seconds before I realize all my healthy water drinking this morning has kicked in. So.. .what is a girl going to do in this situation? I find Danielle Steel novels, pick one, pick another book close buy, check out and drive home. What did I finally check out? Sisters and The other Twin. I think. We'll see how that goes. More research next time... and a long list because I am guessing this library doesn't have too much to offer!

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