Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Baby on the Brain

First let me start with I AM NOT PREGO! I do not want to be prego... I can NOT afford to be Prego... all that being said: I WANT TO HAVE A BABY. I am totally in love with buying gifts, clothes, making baby food, ect. I completly and 100% blame Kelly and Harper. Infact I am seriously considering getting an embrodieary machine before I have a kid just so I can have such cute outifts as adorable little Harper.

I will reinstate that I do NOT want to be pregnant right now. Freaking working cashier can mess up my back for a day... pregnant for 9 months might kill me. I do not currently have the money to live at the life style I want, much less add a person or mulitiple people. That in mind I can't imagine bringing a child into the world and then not be home enough to raise it. I am not saying I would SAHM the rest of my life... but until day care is a real option (after potty training and a few hours after school) I need to have the time and money to stay home. Also it would be nice to have a real reason to get up so much in the mornings, not just for the cat and dog.

With all that in mind I have to set some goals. These are silly not really imediate goals but something that should stay in the back of my mind.
1. Get in shape to have children!
2. Save enough money
3. Stay out of the bump boards (it only happens ever few months but it is a bad happit)

All that being said the reason for this post and the insperation of many gaging moments felt around the nest and bump board...


Don't bother if you have eaten in the last hour or so...

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  1. Number 1: I am sooo glad you are not a bottle of spaghetti sauce! And 2: that is the most disgusting thing I have seen in my life!!!!! I saw my placenta and there is no way in hekk I would touch it let alone dry it and make it into an effing teddy bear!!!!!!!!