Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy Busy

I am so sad that it has been a week since I posted. I check this bad boy every day, but I haven't felt like I had the time or the topic to talk to make the effort for a post. Honestly I still don't but I do want to keep all 4 readers interested :) hehe.

Saturday I took my Praxis test. The non Oklahoma version of the OSAT. Basically my teaching test. It was hard. Really hard. Like people were taking it for the 3rd and 4th time hard. Lets just say my major (Sec Ed SS) and 3 of my 4 minors ( Poli Sci, Geog, Hist) did not come in handy at all. Neither really did the two books I read (US and World dummies, yeah I know). So now it is a weighting game.

I didn't do much other then eat and sleep the two weeks before now so the house is dirty and the laundry barly is taken care off and what not. So saturday what did we do!? Shop! Thats right. Took the hubby to Lowes and got a hot water heater. No ours didn't break, but I wasn't going to wait until their were feet of snow on the ground to figure out when it was goign to happen.

After that we started getting our christmas decor out. We had bought a lot last year on clearnce and we needed to see what that actually was. with out lack of funiture there are still afew items that we can't put up really yet, but its about 90% or more done. Pictures to come. Seriously! I found my camera, charging station, and all the cables to make it work. Oh, and we should have a new comp any day now... actually 4 days ago.... so ANY DAY NOW!!!! but... allas I have work in a hour and that pesky 30 min drive really cuts into my slacking time... so I promise... lots and lots of pictures and projects to come... hello I'll even date back to the other house for two bathroom remodles, a kitchen, 5 paint jobs, and then everything we have done here and its alot! Also... maybe some wedding since wedding week is coming up and a few honeymoon pics!

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