Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Season

With the holiday's coming up quickly... I would say it has been creeping but pounced into a sprint at halloween... I and the hubbs have given gift giving and budget a check. Actually two checks (hehe holiday humor).

We sat down and decided what in the "long run" of our house would we like to buy, what we needed to buy, and what could wait. Needless to say our list was long and general. Siding, furniture, walls, you know the usual. That lead us to our Christmas budget. How much could we spend on the families and each other? While I'm not going to indulge that number (some might think it high or low) I have been pushed into creating a list. That's right I get to resort back to "Dear Santa" and catalogs like I am 9 years old again. Only now its "I want..." list and the catalogs have been replaced by the internet, online ordering, and item numbers.

So here is what I am asking. What should I get? Any suggestions? Whats on your list? Should I be greedy and get "I want" items or practical and get "I need" items? Granted their is no rule that my "I want" items can't be something like.... envirosax that are also very handy but expensive or a new coat... useful but really wont' fit into the coat closet where my coats have squeezed into ever last millimeter of space. So... suggestions... throw them at me!

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