Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Wish List

With Christmas apon us and wish list being made I decided to jump on the band wagon. This original started as a wishlist for the hubbs to shop with, but I believe he has done his shopping or atleast mentally. So now this really is a wish list.

Pillows of course top the list! I looked around and found these.

Pier one:


Ok, there has been more, but its difficult to refind them!

My list also contains Containers to hold petfood. Red curtians for the bedroom, but now after the unfortunite insident with the dog I think the new duvet will be red so the red cutians will be out and another color will have to be picked. I also am on the hunt for old dark wood frames. The guestbed 1 is going alot vintage then the rest of the house so that I can use the duvet we already had and put together a wall art that is in need of lots of frames. A shutter fly book was on the list, and could still be but the one in the previous post was bought today with help of my Grandma's Anniversary gift. There is some word are from etsy that I would like to buy for the dinning room. However, I have never been to any of the places in the art so I'm not sure it would have enough meaning for me.

Then again with all things considered money or jewelry is always good!!

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