Monday, December 07, 2009

The Office

I have talked about the remodel a few times but I officially can post pictures now. But first how did we get to this room? I have the original picture from when we moved in 3 months ago, but its a room with white walls and beige carpet. I think you can picture that. After spending most of my summer on home improvement blogs I came up with a few ideas for this room. Most of the credit can be given to Lettered Cottage's Reading room.

Although sitting in the room now and looking at this picture very little is similar, basically the set up is the only thing you can compare... but none the less here we go. Hope everyone is ready to turn their head to the side. I have tried many ways to rotate the pictures but I can't seem to find a way for them to stick. So please bare with me!

The day bed, shelving, red curtains, temporary red pillows, and black curtains.

A better shot at the bookcase head board. Hubbs built it with his own two hands. Although the shelves are probably only 85% completely decorated it will do for now. Black storage boxes are used to cover up unmatchable items and red accents are from Ikea.

The foot board. Lamp from Target, plants and decorations from various places. Due to the window on the left side of the bed the "foot board" could only be a foot wide while the book case is 2 ft at its deepest.

My very practical husband had to make the foot board and bottom of the book case extra functional and thus added book shelves on the end. As you can see from my hand, they are covered up by the curtains, which are also good for covering the asemetricalness of the head and foot board.

Lastly the part that actually makes this the office....

We converted the closet (since we have plenty of storage) into the home office. The nice new black computer blends in nicely with the black file cabinet (bottom) and storage boxes (above). We originally planned to brighten this space up with some punchy wall paper in red but the idea of pulling all this out and re-touching up the paint has got us thinking we'll leave it like this until we are out of bigger projects.
Well hopefully your neck isn't aching after all the craning its had to do.

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