Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shopping trip

Hubby and I like to do shopping trips or in this case "fact finding missions" (Pi girls should get a laugh at that). We plan out a "very serious schedual" for our finances (that I ususally lose with in a week) on what our large projects are going to be, when, and how much. Right now we are working on the down stairs basement. But like any good re-model nothing is ever done. Well actually I think my office is great, but thats another (tired of the project) kind of story.

Today's mission was simple. Find a set of curtians for the kitchen and look at items for future projects. We found a set of cafe curtians at JCP's. It was basically in the color scheme of the kitchen and dining room and was long enough to do the job. What job you ask? Keeping me from going blind while I do the dishes. The winter sun apparently sits directly in the path of my kitchen window from about 10 am till sun down. It makes it very difficult to stand with in a foot or so of the window (basically the whole prep area of the kitchen). So we needed a curtain. Nothing fancy and besides the color I don't even like it but, whatever.

No I didn't clean for this picture. Can you see why I don't care what the curtains look like? I can't even wrap my mind around my poorly pealing laminated cabinets to begin to salvage this room. I am simply waiting till we have enough money to replace them and start new. Lucky our mission today led of to the perfect cabinets! Thats another post though...

Also we found a piece of "art" that we deemed worth and large enough for our dinning room. Although it is not hung up yet I'll give you a peak of it leaning on the wall where it is ment to go.

That is our buffet with part of our christmas decor up ( I took down some to see the picture better). Of course the christmas won't be up all year so I'll have to find something a bit more neutral for the rest of year but this is the best non-glare picture I could get. The buffet is just a tad wider then what the picture shows. The picture however is not rocking my socks here. Although it seemed quite large next to the 12x12 "art" next to it, it no longer seems large against our (apprently) huge buffet. I believe the art which I really do like will find a new home in the guest bedroom and the multi frame grouping will be relocated to this location. Similar to this look a Young House Love.
However I would do wood frames (all things natural and dark here) with sepia pictures and such things. Maybe even add a shelf with something on it. You never know! I'll keep ya up dated.

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